Thursday, November 20, 2008

Letter formation chants

I found this and I thought it would be useful!

ABC Letter Formation Poems

A - Pull down twice from the point to the top. Add a seat to view the apple crop.
a - First make a round apple to eat, then a slide for an ant when he's finished his treat!
B - Big old B has a tall straight back and two big bellies 'cause he just ate a snack!
b - Draw a straight back just like me. Don't forget to add a belly for b.
Cc - Cars can cruise down curvy c. Stop near the ground- that's it you see!
D - Down to the ground, then take a break. Half a circle is what you'll make.
d - First you make a dime to spend. Go way up high then down to the end.
E - Pull straight down for capital E. Then add some shelves 1, 2, 3.
e - A little line start off e. Add a plate for an egg- here's breakfast for me!
F - Big F is a tall flower for you. E has three lines, F has two.
f - This flower grows tall and hangs a little. Add a line right in the middle.
G - Big round circle but don't go too far. Add a garage to park your car!
g - A garden starts with a little seed. The roots grow down that's all you need!
H- Make two lines, high to low. Connect the lines so they can say hello!
h - First start high then take a jump. Little h has a little hump.
I - Big I starts with one side of a door. All it needs is a roof and a floor.
i - Little i goes down, it's an ice cream treat. Add a sprinkle on top and it's ready to eat.
J - Jumping jack J jumps up and down and then curls up. Jack needs a hat 'cause he likes to dress up!
j - Little j is so thin and lean. Jump way down, then add a jellybean!
Kk - K and k have three lines as you can see: a tall straight back and a sideways v.
L - Pull down a line and add a lap. Lie down, lazy! It's time for a nap!
l - Little l looks like a number one. Just draw a line and you are done!
M - Go down, hit the ground, then draw a V. Down to the ground again big M is two mountains for me.
m - Go down, hit the ground then get ready for bumps. Little m is easy to write, just add two humps.
N - Stick a nail in the ground and slant another one right. Add a third pointing up and say “nighty-night”!
n - Go down, hit the ground and your almost done. Little m has two humps, n has only one!
Oo - Oh yum! An orange to eat! Nice and round, it's a healthy treat.
P - Pull down your pencil, then pick it up off the ground. Add a half a penny, nice and round.
p - Pop on down and then up, you see. Finish it off with a little pea!
Q - Big Q is a round quarter to spend. Add a line when you're at the end.
q - A fancy queen with a little pearl. Give q's hair a special curl.
R - First draw a line and then a rainbow. Add a ramp and you're ready to go!
r - Go straight down, then race on back. r has an arm, like a little rack.
Ss - Silly S and s, those slippery snakes. Twisty, turny, ready to shake!
T - Big T is a big tall tree. Add a fort at the top so you can see.
t - Little t is a little tree. Add a fort in the middle for you and me!
U - Big U is just like a cup. Start by going down and then curve up.
U - Curve down and up, then down once more.
Little u is a cup that's ready to pour.
V v - Slant down first then up like so. This upside-down volcano is ready to blow!
W w - W and w have two pointy waves. Swim in the water if you're brave!
X x - A criss and a cross and in case you forgot, where is the treasure? X marks the spot!
Y - Capital Y has a V in the air. The pole at the bottom holds it there
y - Slant down right, down to the ground. Slant down left and take it underground.
Z z - Zigzag Z and z are easy, you see. Just zig a zag - 1, 2, 3!

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